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Discover the captivating world of Zircon Creations, an avant-garde artistic entity that has been reimagining spaces since its establishment in 2002. 

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a boundless creative vision, Zircon Creations has emerged as a prominent force in art, encompassing paintings, murals, wall sculptures, and innovative educational tools.

At the core of Zircon Creations is an enduring belief in art's transformative power to forge connections and bridge divides. Our hallmark lies in our ability to accommodate diverse preferences and needs, ensuring each creation reflects uniqueness.

Embark on an enthralling journey of artistic exploration with us, where each brushstroke and sculptor's chisel converge to create spaces of allure. Zircon Creations invites you to experience the transformative power of art as we continue to redefine creativity's boundaries, one masterpiece at a time. Join us in shaping a world where artistic narratives transcend boundaries, captivating souls, and infusing life with aesthetic wonder.

Our offerings 

•    Murals
•    Fine Art /Paintings
•    Sculptures
•    Commissioned outdoor projects  

Manjot Singh – Founder 

Manjot Singh is the Founder and Chief Visualizer at Zircon Creations. 

He established Zircon Creations in the year of 2002, envisioning a world transformed by art. 

With a profound focus on fine art, sculptures, murals, and interiors, Zircon stands as a testament to his artistic prowess. 
Manjot's journey includes a noteworthy tenure as a Regional Manager and Sales Promotion Manager at Camlin Limited, India's foremost enterprise in fine art, commercial art materials, and stationery products. 

His dual role as an artist and collaborator with renowned fine artists has uniquely positioned him to craft aesthetically captivating artworks tailored to clients' discerning tastes.

Mr Manjot Singh Founder and Chief Visualizer at Zircon Creations.
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